Genna Report 3

Story of a Broken Wrist

Last Saturday, Genna broke her wrist.  Here’s an interview of what happened from her perspective.  (I’ll do the typing.) 😉

A: Tell me how you broke your wrist.

G: I was riding my scooter, racing a girl that I know (kind of).  And we were racing and there was a big crack in the sidewalk at the park.  My scooter stopped and I didn’t.  I fell wrist down and I hit my side.  And that’s it.


A: Did you think it was serious when you fell?

G: Well, I was kind of, well, I kept on saying, “Go get my Dad!  My Dad!” and Dad was already coming and I didn’t know how serious it was.


A: How did we know to go to the doctor?

G: Well, mom said that with a few more hours, she would have probably taken me to the doctor, but we went right after lunch the next day [Sunday] because the mom of my friend said that we should probably go to the doctor.  So we did. [We went to an emergency room, since it was Sunday.]


A: What happened at the doctor?

G: I waited for a little bit and I got an x-ray and the doctor said it was a hairline fracture.  He started with a sock-like thing and he put cotton on it.  Then he dipped something in hot water and wrapped it around and around and around and around the cotton.  Then he did another roll of the same stuff.  Then it dried and I had my cast on.


A: What happened with the doctor since the emergency room?

G: We went went back on Thursday and he made sure my fingers weren’t swelling. Then today [Monday] he took a not-sharp tool that made my cast shake and it tickled a lot.  He cut my cast to a short-arm cast.


A: How do you feel about being able to bend your elbow now?

G: Great!  I can do everything a lot easier now.


A: How much longer will you have your cast?

G: Two weeks.


So, Genna’s healing just fine and isn’t in any pain.  So, that’s good news.


That’s the Genna Report!

Genna Report Feature 1

Plaza de Armas

Journal - 01

Hi, we’re in Plaza de Armas.  It’s the central plaza.  There’s a big fountain in the plaza.  It’s really old.  It’s near a big church and there are towers and birds are everywhere.  There are people selling bird seed in the plaza and there are lots of pigeons.

That’s the Genna Report!


(transcribed by mom)

Hello world!

Genna on the Stairs

Hi, I’m Genna and this is my website.  I going to use my website to tell you what’s been going on my life and what I’ve dreamed and thought about and some of my school work.

I like…there are lots of things I like.  Before I go to bed, I’m always thinking about different things which keeps me up late.  I think about things like Narnia and that everyone from every story that I know gives me a present and that I’m Queen Susan and I get sick.  (In my thoughts.)  They give me the presents so that I can feel better.

– That’s the Genna Report!

(Post transcribed by mom)