Pursuing Fluency 1

Pursuing Fluency? What do you mean?

I’m calling this section of our website, my personal blog, “Pursuing Fluency,” but what does that really mean?

According to dictionary.com “pursue” means “to strive to gain; seek to attain or accomplish” and “fluent” means “able to speak or write smoothly, easily, or readily; easy; graceful.”

So, in all the areas of my life, I want to pursue, to strive, to attain or accomplish the ability to speak or write [or live a particular calling God has for me] smoothly, easily or readily, gracefully.

I realize this is a pretty tall order, a lifelong pursuit.  So, instead of making another long list or complicated plan or promises to myself that I can’t keep for two days in a row, I will begin with the most important calling on my life and go from there.

I’m beginning my quest, my pursuit of fluency with my devotional life.  I’ve always been good at being obedient in the public things, in the big moral decisions, but I suspect there’s been rebellion, selfishness of spirit, that has been at root of my constant struggle with my private walk with Christ.

Believe me, there’s a ton more I’d like to change, tweak, improve and systemize in my life, but, as a follower of Christ, I know, I believe that this is the change that matters the most, will guide the rest and will clarify God’s priorities for my time, energy and passion.

My need to tend my devotional life is a realization that God has been whispering, then speaking into my spirit for a while.  Through a podcast and then a blog post written by my friend (http://www.mosaicofmoms.com/dwelling-place/) God has confirmed that this turning to HIm, rather than my self-critiquing and planning are the path He has for me.

So, I will begin my pursuit of fluency by practicing His presence.