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A Little Saturday Night Fun

We had a little girlie fun tonight before bed.  We’ll see how the curls turn out tomorrow!

Along with the photos, here’s a quick update on the girls.

Lately, Genna’s been reading up a storm, enjoying Charlotte’s Web (twice!) and Little House on the Prairie.  I’ve picked up a couple of free children’s mysteries for kindle lately that she’s going to love.  She’s getting tired of her cast, but it isn’t slowing her down much.  We went to a restaurant with a huge playground for lunch today and she had a great time playing.

Juliana is looking forward to our upcoming time in the States.  Every time we talk about going somewhere, she asks, “Are we going on the plane to Arkansas?”  She had a really great time during our September short term team, making friends and stealing hearts.  She calls Darren, one of the team members, “my favorite boy.”  The love that is lavished on our girls and the friendships they make are just a couple of the sweet benefits that we have as we meet and host so many great members of the body of Christ.

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Looking Back: Genna’s New Bed

After Love Extreme and a new job role in Extreme that starts January 1st plus getting ready for back-to-school for Genna and I have tons on blog post ideas.  But first…a look back and one of my favorite home movies.  This is Genna’s reaction to the big-girl-room makeover we did when she was four.  You have my permission to laugh.  I still giggle every time I even think about this video.

*No children were harmed in the making of this video.



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Chris the Chef!

On Fridays we have team lunch.  (We also cook Sunday lunch for the team.)  Chris has really taken to cooking the team lunches.

Today was a simple, yummy, feels-like-home kind of lunch.  He fixed grilled cheese with carrots, broccoli and ranch.  For an extra-special treat he made chocolate pudding with whipped cream.

It’s been neat to see him develop cooking into a hobby.  He has his own allrecipies.com account and is now a master pancake-maker.  The team is a little wary of any of his recipes that use the blender, though.  It’s one small lapse in judgement where he put the chicken into the blender with the sauce that none of us lets him forget.

Chef Chris1 Chef Chris2

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ZucososThe title basically translates “Sugaries.”  Even with that whole grain check on the box, maybe we should look for a better breakfast option…

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Why “Everyday Stringers”

I created this section of our website to share the simple everyday stories of our life as a family.  Each post won’t be about anything life-changing, but each post will be a glimpse of our little life.  It’s for you.  It’s for me.  Most of all, it’s for my precious girls.


I’ll start out with a simple juxtaposition of the modern and the ancient.  As we headed to the hardware store tonight.  I was caught by the beauty of the moon over Pichu pichu.  (Of course the photo doesn’t do it justice.)

Moon Over Pichu Pichu