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Rudy’s Story – Part One

We have had the privilege of sharing what God is doing in Arequipa with the children of Rogers First Church of the Nazarene this week with a video each day for their Vacation Bible School.  The themes for each day are Serving Family, Serving Friends, Serving Neighbors, Serving Community and Serving Jesus.

When Pastor Jen asked us to make the videos we immediately knew that we wanted to tell Rudy’s story.  Since we met Rudy in January, he has really grown in his walk with Christ.  Praise the Lord!

So, here’s our video from day one of VBS with the first part of Rudy’s story and a (very) simple explanation of what Chris and I are doing here in Arequipa.  Roll Tape!


Click here for Part Two.

Pursuing Fluency 1

Pursuing Fluency? What do you mean?

I’m calling this section of our website, my personal blog, “Pursuing Fluency,” but what does that really mean?

According to “pursue” means “to strive to gain; seek to attain or accomplish” and “fluent” means “able to speak or write smoothly, easily, or readily; easy; graceful.”

So, in all the areas of my life, I want to pursue, to strive, to attain or accomplish the ability to speak or write [or live a particular calling God has for me] smoothly, easily or readily, gracefully.

I realize this is a pretty tall order, a lifelong pursuit.  So, instead of making another long list or complicated plan or promises to myself that I can’t keep for two days in a row, I will begin with the most important calling on my life and go from there.

I’m beginning my quest, my pursuit of fluency with my devotional life.  I’ve always been good at being obedient in the public things, in the big moral decisions, but I suspect there’s been rebellion, selfishness of spirit, that has been at root of my constant struggle with my private walk with Christ.

Believe me, there’s a ton more I’d like to change, tweak, improve and systemize in my life, but, as a follower of Christ, I know, I believe that this is the change that matters the most, will guide the rest and will clarify God’s priorities for my time, energy and passion.

My need to tend my devotional life is a realization that God has been whispering, then speaking into my spirit for a while.  Through a podcast and then a blog post written by my friend ( God has confirmed that this turning to HIm, rather than my self-critiquing and planning are the path He has for me.

So, I will begin my pursuit of fluency by practicing His presence.


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ZucososThe title basically translates “Sugaries.”  Even with that whole grain check on the box, maybe we should look for a better breakfast option…

EverydayStringers 2

Why “Everyday Stringers”

I created this section of our website to share the simple everyday stories of our life as a family.  Each post won’t be about anything life-changing, but each post will be a glimpse of our little life.  It’s for you.  It’s for me.  Most of all, it’s for my precious girls.


I’ll start out with a simple juxtaposition of the modern and the ancient.  As we headed to the hardware store tonight.  I was caught by the beauty of the moon over Pichu pichu.  (Of course the photo doesn’t do it justice.)

Moon Over Pichu Pichu

Hello world!

Genna on the Stairs

Hi, I’m Genna and this is my website.  I going to use my website to tell you what’s been going on my life and what I’ve dreamed and thought about and some of my school work.

I like…there are lots of things I like.  Before I go to bed, I’m always thinking about different things which keeps me up late.  I think about things like Narnia and that everyone from every story that I know gives me a present and that I’m Queen Susan and I get sick.  (In my thoughts.)  They give me the presents so that I can feel better.

– That’s the Genna Report!

(Post transcribed by mom)

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His Kind of Love

This year, we’ve sought to build relationships and spread the gospel by sharing His kind of love.  The last two weeks, our pastor preached on the topic and we put together a video to show La Puerta Abierta Iglesia’s efforts to show the kind of love that transforms lives to the people of Arequipa.

His Kind of Love

How can you be intentional about sharing His Kind of Love?


Excuses, Excuses

What did I learn this past week? What is the Lord doing in my life? What is he doing in the lives of those under my leadership (or at least in the lives of those whom I have an impact/influence)? Those are questions that everyone should be asking themselves on a regular basis and something that I hope to post regularly on this blog. The Lord has taught me much and I have such a long way to go. So, here we go.

This past week, I learned some of how much we can let our human reason and logic impact our expectations and therefore our mood. Our average attendance numbers at Puerta Abierta have dropped in the months of November and December. Last week, we had a handful of Peruvians. To be honest, I did not have great expectations of the service last night, as it had begun to rain and we were having problems with the sound equipment and scrambled to get it working properly up until the last few minutes before the start of the service. Looking back, I should have been thinking “Wow! Things are really not going well. The devil is doing all he can do to try to prevent this service from moving forward. God sure does want to do something wonderful tonight!” Rather, I was consumed in trying to get power to the projector and thinking that few will come out due to the rain here in Arequipa. Was I wrong. We had the biggest attendance in the last 8-10 weeks. What is more, we had three new decisions for Christ and 3 people come up to receive prayer or to recommit their lives to Christ.

Service at La Puerta Abierta Iglesia del Nazareno - January 13, 2013

Service at La Puerta Abierta Iglesia del Nazareno – January 13, 2013

Another interesting thing is that this week’s topic was about fasting. It is not a very popular topic in most Christian circles and is a spiritual discipline that, when practiced, can bring fruit and victory in radical ways. The devil didn’t want people to hear about fasting and how powerful it is when combined with prayer. In spite of that, the Spirit was very present and God moved in amazing ways.

I often get frustrated at people for offering their excuses for not coming. Last night, I fell victim to being influenced by those same excuses, as I let them reduce my expectation of what God wanted to do. Lord, help me to not be guided by human reasons and excuses, but rather by your Spirit.


Following the Peace


What did you learn last week?  What is the Lord doing in your life?