Genna on the Stairs

Hi, I’m Genna and this is my website.  I going to use my website to tell you what’s been going on my life and what I’ve dreamed and thought about and some of my school work.

I like…there are lots of things I like.  Before I go to bed, I’m always thinking about different things which keeps me up late.  I think about things like Narnia and that everyone from every story that I know gives me a present and that I’m Queen Susan and I get sick.  (In my thoughts.)  They give me the presents so that I can feel better.

– That’s the Genna Report!

(Post transcribed by mom)

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  1. Hello Genevieve. This is Grandpa. Hope you are having a wonderful week. So looking forward to seeing you in just a few weeks! Love you! Grandpa.

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